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Multidisciplinary artist Matthew Pope is an emerging artist whose creative work primarily utilises visual as well as live art elements. Graduated with academic excellence in 2016 from Edith Cowan University, his graduate exhibition aimed to connect the human body with the natural environment emotionally, physically and sexually. Currently completing his Honours research project deals with participatory performance artworks as a method of data collection, examines the relationship formed between the artist and audience as well as bodily experience and embodiment as a means to predict human behaviour. Based in Perth, Western Australia, his work aims to interact with viewers consciously and subconsciously, inviting them to look at themselves, and their surroundings in various ways. 


Pope's creative practice scopes throughout Sculpture installation, participatory art, performance art, video art and various methods of print making. His work explores varying ideas and concepts such as merging the earth with humans, the limits of the physical body, ephemeral moments, sexuality, masculinity, cognitive psychology and the interaction between artist and audience. 


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Matthew Pope Image 3.jpg